Cellphone USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes used by SPs (service providers).

Hello, do you use USSD codes? Do you own a cellphone? Then of course you do silly…

Have you noticed how totally inconvenient it is to have no option to go back to the previous menu in case you need to?

It can be time consuming, not to mention irritating, to have to start from scratch when we faced with a situation that we want to navigate back to the previous menu, but unfortunately can’t because our SP has not the humanity to provide such.

Have you seen how Vodacom’s balance menu by *100# menu looks like when you are seeking the whole information of your balances? It’s useless.
I’d personally like Vodacom to study ‘consumership’ again to see such aspects like those. For one to get other balances likes data, sms, and mms, they’d have to navigate with another code *111# and select the option they’d like to view, and in the event, Vodacom would not don’t provide a way back to the previous menu in case you want more, instead they give and show you the exit so you can start from the beginning if you still want to perform other transaction(s).

USSD codes

USSD codes

See how MTN have always given you all your balances with a punch of a single USSD code *141#, this includes sms, mms and data balances.

MTN have the ability to take it further to alert users of their (promotional) minute type(s).

(whether subscribers would be using their promotional minutes granted each time they meet the promotional criteria); notifying users each time they make a call to different networks. This is considerately in case some of your contacts have decided to port to other mobile network service providers (SPs), you are well notified that you won’t be using promotional minutes. The alert would go as normal displaying at what percentage the call will be charged. It would, otherwise notify you that you about to use promotional minutes on your present call when all meets criteria.

It can be so good from all parties to give off all balances, sms, mms, airtime, data, including promotional balances in a clear format with a punch of a single USSD code.

To make matters easier, after the business decision to change this, is the fact that the process will only take one person to modify the USSD menu to better suit user needs.

Banks and other business using modern technology are therefore undeniably forced to fine tune or refine their USSD codes to better suit customers. Emergencies occur in this fast-paced life, and as individuals we can’t afford starting a USSD code from scratch even though we could always have a way to navigate back to the previous menu to select whichever option we’d like.